Poutavé vycházky Prahou s profesionálními průvodci, akce pro školy i teambuilding pro firmy a skupiny.
Česky a anglicky.

Vycházky s Prahou Neznámou jako dárek
Vycházky jako dárek

Zakupte svým blízkým unikátní dárek - poukaz na vycházku s Prahou Neznámou.

Santini v Praze
Santini v Praze

Seznamte se s nesmazatelným stylem slavného italsko-českého architekta v Praze

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Guided tours with Praha Neznámá (Prague Unknown)

Guided tours with Praha Neznámá (Prague Unknown)

Prague Unknown = discover Prague in a different way

The project Prague Unknown shows Prague as a city of various faces and undiscovered alleys. We offer guided tours to places off the beaten tracks. Or, as we like to say, to places where a man has never set foot. Take a look at places most people haven’t heard about and discover Prague in a different way. We offer a different perspective of famous places, as well as walks through narrow abandoned paths and passageways. One of our specialties is a picturesque district New World near the Prague Castle, which tourists usually don’t visit. We may call it a Prague Montmartre where all kind of interesting artists, such as graphic designers, photographers, painters, animators and many more reside in tiny houses. No wonder there are unique buildings such as the only log house in the heart of Prague. Another tour offers a look at a Czech rarity – artistic style cubism in architecture. Houses designed in this style cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We also visit districts with connection to the old industrial architecture and many more unusual places.

Walks are offered in German, English and Russian language. Other languages by appointment.

Our offer of guided tours in English

Guided tours with Praha Neznámá

Clicking the blue name of the particular tour you can get more information…

The individual dates and times of walks will be agreed according to your needs
Minimum price: 2500 CZK or 95 EUR. Each added person is 200 CZK or 8 EUR.

Payment on account in advance.

We also offer tailor made tours accoding to your wish. These tailor made tours will be charged by individual prices.

For more information contact us:


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